NailMedic - Nail Revolution Strength


NailMedic - Nail Revolution Strength


A 3-piece nail treatment system that strengthens nails and cuticles.

Nail Strong is a fortifying nail lacquer that will help thicken and strengthen weak, soft nails. Nail Strong is infused with Mastic Gum Oil and Keratin Protein.
High Five
is a nourishing nail lacquer that promotes a hardening, anti-oxidizing, strengthening, moisturizing, and re-mineralizing effect on the nails. High Five is infused with Keratin, Algae extract, Bio-minerals, and Vitamin E.
Argan Drops hydrate and treat dry, damaged cuticles and nails. Argan Drops are infused with Argan Oil and Vitamin E.

Instructions: Apply 1-2 coats of Nail Strong to nails and let dry. Apply 1-2 coats of High Five to nails and let dry. Top with nail polish, if desired. Apply Argan Drops to add moisture to nails and cuticles. Massage gently and wipe off excess product.

How to remove: Remove products with nail polish remover before reapplying with this 3-piece treatment.

Products are processed within 1-3 days.

Orders are usually delivered in 2-14 days.

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