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Light Pink
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Color Block Manicure

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Tutorial: Color Block Manicure

Glitter Gradient

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Featured Blogger: Constantly Polished

Black & Pink Color Block Manicure

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Pretty Woman Gelogic





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I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls"


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Did the holiday weekend leave your fingernails brittle & broken? πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Excessive sun exposure weakens nails 😫. Nail Medic Rise & Shine to the rescue. @lacqueredmama used it for 8 weeks & look how healthy & strong her nails look! 😍Light Pink perfection.

The perfect shade for all skin tones. TSFW (Totally Safe For Work). Get the scoop at 🌸Are your bare nails a bit yellow? Here's the answer:

Nail Medic CC Cream Lacquer. Optical brightners instantly brighten yellow-ish nails!

Stop by @walmart to pick up some Nail Medic. Email us a pic of your receipt and we'll send you a selection of our fab 5-Free nail polish!! 😍😍😍Professional manicurists like @nailsbymimi use our Nail Medic CC Cream Lacquer because it instantly corrects discolored nails! It's the ideal base for a bare nail look or before applying color. πŸ’…πŸΌ Have you tried it yet? CC Cream Lacquer is available at @Walmart! Pick one up & send us a pic of your receipt. We'll send you a FREE goodie bag ❀️ #PrettyWomanNYC
Speaking of pink and black...πŸ’…πŸΌ We're loving this color block mani done by Candice at ConstantlyPolished using our Gelogic polishes in Black Cherry and Radioactive. See how she did it on our blog πŸ’Nude nail art got you down because your nails are too discolored to try it? πŸ™ Worry not, Nail Medic CC Cream Lacquer is the solution! πŸ’ Instantly brightens nails! If you don't believe us, take a look at @ConstantlyPolished & her lace art over her bare nail & CC Cream Lacquer. 
Get it at Walmart. πŸ”† Send us a snap of your receipt for a FREE goodie bag!