Nail Trends 2020-2023

Nail Trends 2020-2023

Source: WGSN

Trends in the beauty industry change throughout the years. Here we are in 2020, and the newest styles and colors are now among us! For nails the top trends are all about nail art, colors and nail care. Trending at the top is abstract designs and soft shape rounded nails. Line art, a mix of colors and unique patterns are the way to go this season. Another trend is also the famous checkerboard pattern. Options are the traditional black and white, to variation of colors, polishing all nails, or one fun accent nail. This style will give you a fun bold look for any occasion!

Next up for the Fall Nails Forecast 2021-2022 are the different type nail finishes. The must have finishes this upcoming fall are tactile, glossy, and jelly lacquer finishes. These can give your nails have a beautiful shine or you can take it to the next level with Ombre, chromes, textures and other patterns. The possibilities are endless! Pretty Woman’s chrome collection is perfect for you to achieve these looks. It is a great way to express your unique self.

Let’s get back to basics, and the most important part of them all, COLOR! Trending colors for 2020-2023 range from seasonal, annual, and long term. Seasonal shades include saturated brights, browns, greys and neutrals. Add pops of a pastel and dark shades to compliment the other tones. Annual Colors are paired seamlessly with the colors from the Seasonal shades. Annual palettes are important when clients look for a season less product. In addition to the seasonal yellow and neutral tones, annual has tones of olive green and smoked magenta. Long term colors are the tones you want to invest in. Going beyond the expected shades. These shades include Bloodstone, Ginger Biscuit and Atlantic Blue which pair perfectly with the other palettes year-round. Making it a great foundation for your nail collections.

With the Nail Industry thriving, we may get swept up in the beauty and fun and forget to take care and nourish our nails. Nail care is  huge trend we are seeing and will be a key focus over the next few years.  But let’s be honest, it has always important! After care solutions will be included across all brands. Formulations will need to have infusions with good health benefits, hydrating properties and smoothing effects.

Overall, the Nail industry is driven by younger creative consumers looking to make a statement. These innovations will continue to appear with new techniques, color and design that will make applications more fun and personal for all ages!  Color tones play a big part in our collections and nail care is a forever must. The beauty world is a never-changing cycle but these trends will keep you on top and looking as fabulous as ever.

 - Xo Pretty Woman


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